Old Testament vs. New Testament

The sought-after God is now seeking us and even becomes us.  Man’s quest for God is exceedingly satisfied by Jesus Christ and is a compelling answer to the search for the real eternal God, making it difficult for the believer to ignore.


Creating a Mission-Minded Church

Why do people leave their church?

-Strong secular mentality and pressure

-Prosperity and comfort leads to spiritually lazy and indifferent Christians

-Business and constant activity – no time for God

-Society offers a supermarket of churches

-Mobility of people creates a sense of uprooted ness and lack of commitment


Common church issues

                -Many parishioners do not find their parish helpful or meaningful

                -Irrelevancy of church in practical terms – museum mentality

                -Disatisfaction with the preaching, education and programs for the youth

                -Some families feel unwelcome

                -Language barriers

                -Pettiness of church politics


What we need:

                -Creative effort for our time without changing our core Tradition and faith

                -A clearly defined mission statement

                -Must be about spreading the Gospel and helping all(bottle the reality of the Liturgy)

                -Openness to God’s Spirit – Death sign – “We have always done it like this”

                -Develop a sense of vision – sensitive to past but focus on the future

                -Cultivate spiritual disciple in parish life

                -Equip and use the entire Body of Christ – don’t leave out anyone

                -Create atmosphere where people expect God to do great things – hope

                -Become global Christians without any expectation (the universe is my parish)

                -Nurture a living faith in our parishioners (A teaching liturgy)


Healthy church characteristics

                -Center is worship


                -Spiritual guidance and pastoral care

                -Spiritual education leading to transformed lives

                -Missions and philanthropy


How to become more involved in worship

                -It’s not about me

                -Teach the liturgy so everyone can really participate

                -Teach them prayers


How to encourage spiritual growth

                -Develop on how we live, not what we say

                -Ask people to participate-give them a sense of ownership

                -Don’t underestimate an invitation-50% are likely to go.

                -Work together with other Christians for the good of society


Youth Ministry – Some useful Links and Sources

See handout

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