Church News

Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church
Aug 21st - Aug 27th, 2017

Hegumen Saraphim, Fr. Tadros, and Fr. Kyrillos wish you all a blessed feast of the Theotokos Saint Mary.

Thursday, 24 Aug, is the remembers of the forty days of the departed

Hegumen Father Pishoy Saad.

The Holy Liturgy will be held from 9 to 11 AM.

At Saint Mark Curch

+ Mahragan 2017 Age 10-13, 14-17, 18-26
1. Practices are ongoing.
2. Please remember to see your servants for the qualification exams.
They will be held for the next 2 weeks.
3. Schedules will be out soon. 
August 26-27th: basketball @ CEGEP Edouard-Montpetit
4. Please subscribe to the Facebook group:
Virgin Mary Mahragan Group and Mahragan AlKeraza Quebec for more details.
5. Details and registration with Malak Gerges (
and Sonia Mina (  Please register and pay promptly!

+ Church Database Updates
If you moved recently or you are not on the mailing list (standard mail),
please update your information for the church database via the following
link on the church website:

+ SYC (Senior Youth Convention)
When:  August 25 to 27, 2017
At Bishop's University
For Cegep/University
See webpage:
Stay tuned for more info!

+ St. Peter & St. Paul Annual Fundraising Dinner
Sunday September 17 at 5:30pm.
At the Centre de congr�s Palace, Laval.
Ticket purchases by donation.
For tickets, please contact Nana Mikhail at 514-947-6262.

+ Church Schedule and Other Information
For the full church schedule (liturgies, bible studies, prayer meetings, etc.), 
more information and news, please visit: